David Bowie performs ‘Blue Jean’ for MTV in 1984

This performance for 'Blue Jean' filmed at the Wag Club in London's Soho for a one-off screening at the MTV Awards

A few days after shooting the Jazzin’ For Blue Jean, Julien Temple filmed a second, less elaborate video for ‘Blue Jean‘ at the Wag Club in London’s Soho for a one-off screening at the MTV Awards, which took place on 14 September 1984 at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

At the awards Bowie won an award for ‘China Girl‘, which was picked up on his behalf by Iggy Pop.

Bowie introduces the song to camera as if it were a live performance, although it wasn’t – the same backing extras used in Jazzin’ For Blue Jean were in attendance, although this time their live vocals were mixed in for the choruses. He introduced the band as “The Aliens” and dedicated the number to “all our friends in the American Empire”.

This version appears as an “Easter Egg” on the Best Of Bowie DVD.