Marc Bolan

  • David Bowie impersonates cassette tape from West Side studios

    David Bowie impersonates Bruce Springsteen, Iggy Pop & Lou Reed

    Mark Saunders was working as an Assistant Engineer at London's Westside Studios in 1985. Here he tells the story of when David Bowie recorded 'Absolute Beginners' and 'Dancing In the Street', and how he left the tape running as Bowie goofed around, impersonating everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Iggy...
  • David Bowie and Marc Bolan perform in the Marc TV show in 1977

    “Heroes” performed live on Marc Bolan’s TV show

    David Bowie performs “Heroes” on the TV show Marc on 28 September 1977. Marc is a British television series presented by T. Rex’s lead singer Marc Bolan. It was produced in Manchester by Granada Television for the ITV network. A second series was planned had Bolan not died before it could be...