Alan Winstanley

  • David Bowie Absolute Beginners 1986 single cover

    Absolute Beginners

    'Absolute Beginners' by David Bowie was released on 15 March 1986 in support of the Julien Temple film of the same name - it made it to #2 in the UK....
  • David Bowie impersonates cassette tape from West Side studios

    David Bowie impersonates Bruce Springsteen, Iggy Pop & Lou Reed

    Mark Saunders was working as an Assistant Engineer at London's Westside Studios in 1985. Here he tells the story of when David Bowie recorded 'Absolute Beginners' and 'Dancing In the Street', and how he left the tape running as Bowie goofed around, impersonating everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Iggy...