‘This Is Not America’ promo video

Promotional video for the David Bowie / Pat Metheny collaboration

‘This Is Not America’, co-written with Pat Metheny and  Lyle Mays, was recorded in late 1984 for the John Schlesinger film The Falcon And The Snowman.

As early as September 1984 Bowie spoke enthusiastically about the move: “It’s the story of two young American guys who sell secrets to the Russians. It’s Tim Hutton and Sean Penn giving the performances of their lives, but I dont know how it will be received in the States given the current political climate. It’s very objective, though one feels great sympathy for the two boys. It’s a magnificent piece of filmaking, the best Schlesinger film I’ve seen in years.”

Neithe Bowie or Pat Metheny appear in the accompanying video which was constructed from clips of the movie.