Tony Visconti talks about four decades of working with David Bowie

Tony Visconti interviewed by WNYC ahead of the release of Blackstar, just days before Bowie's death
Tony Visconti

David Bowie was 19 when he met producer Tony Visconti. Tomorrow, Bowie turns 69, and releases his experimental-jazz-flecked new studio album, Blackstar. Visconti co-produced it, just as he has produced dozens of the rock icon’s records over the course of their more than forty year creative relationship. And since Bowie himself has all but sworn off press, it often falls to Visconti to explicate the processes and the experiments that have resulted in latter day masterpieces like The Next Day.

Click the player below to hear Tony Visconti reflect on the influence of Mick Ronson, Jack Bruce, Marc Bolan, digital production, and his relationship with his “lead singer,” David Bowie.