Previously unreleased mix of David Bowie’s ‘TVC 15’

Original producer Harry Maslin’s 2010 remix of 'TVC 15' comes from the forthcoming box set Who Can I Be Now?
David Bowie aka Thin White Duke on stage during the Isolar tour in 1976

David Bowie’s ‘TVC 15’ is reportedly based on an Iggy Pop hallucination in which the proto-punk star believed the television set was swallowing his girlfriend, the boogie-woogie pop romp was the second single from Station to Station in the UK.

A 2010 mix of the track by the album’s original producer, Harry Maslin, is being made available for the first time on the Who Can I Be Now? box set, which celebrates Bowie’s career from 1974 to 1976. It was reported at the time of Station to Station’s release that Bowie wasn’t satisfied with the original mix; this updated version was an attempt to achieve the drier sound they’d been aiming for while recording it in 1975.

This version of the song, premiered below, has never been available before digitally or on CD or vinyl.