Iggy Pop and David Bowie appear on Dinah!

Video showing a brief segment of Iggy Pop performing 'Funtime' on the Dinah Shore show in 1977

Brief segment of Iggy Pop performing ‘Funtime‘ on the Dinah Shore show in 1977. In the clip, David Bowie plays keyboards in Iggy Pop’s band, and both were interviewed by Shore.

When Iggy and Bowie toured in the Spring of 1977 in support of The Idiot, they made a stop on daytime television’s Dinah! show, hosted by singer Dinah Shore. Bowie had been on Dinah! to promote Station to Station (with fellow guests Nancy Walker and Henry Winkler) and seemed to have a good rapport with Shore, so it was arranged that he would guest with Iggy, who sang a live ‘Funtime‘after Shore introduced him — her show was on at 10am — with a photograph of him covered in blood!

Pop also performed ‘Sister Midnight‘ during the show.

Dinah! may have been a middle-of-the-road daytime TV show, but to her credit, Dinah Shore didn’t shy away from asking him about it either (as Bowie laughs and shakes his head “No!”). Shore’s square studio audience, too, seem to actually be charmed by Jimmy Osterberg’s tales of his misspent youth, drug addiction and self-harming, because Iggy was charisma personified during this delightful chat.